Three key pillars drive pharmaceuticals and healthcare business
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About Holdings

QALB Holdings is an AI-powered technical consulting firm situated in London, UK. We are specialized in the Life Sciences sectors of Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Devices. Qalb for the first time introduces its ‘Vasl AI’ a revolutionary platform built by Qalb Holdings that will aid the market research and competitive intelligence sector by providing solutions powered by AI – Machine Learning, Hyper Automation, and Data analytics on defined ontologies. In a nutshell, Vasl AI is capable of performing the above technical functions like a symphony various technologies and traditional sciences.

Qalb Holdings provides support to its affiliated company, ‘Pharmanucleus’, which is a market research firm specializing in Life Sciences domain. Pharmanucleus provide comprehensive market insights that empower key clients to make informed business decisions and drive growth in the ever-evolving life sciences industry. Both Qalb holdings and Pharmanucleus are on a mission to revolutionize, help key clients navigate the complex landscape and stay ahead of the competition by using ‘Vasl AI’ – The AI-powered technical consulting.

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Three key pillars drive pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology business: markets, customers, and competitors. For continued growth and success, companies need to stay updated in today’s fast-changing and hyper-competitive environment. The need to conduct market research to evaluate competitive landscape, understand customer behaviors and perceptions, track performance, and adapt to customer needs & preferences can be outsourced to PharmaNucleus.

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Understand what’s happening in the market right now and what it means for the future of your business with news and insight from our team of journalists and analysts. E-Fact is essential for anyone making commercial decisions in the pharmaceutical industry. With exclusive access to key industry decision makers and best-in-class proprietary data, E-Fact empowers you to understand the news behind the news.

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